National Assembly

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The Present (5th) National Assembly:

The Elections for the Legislature were run in April 2010 within the context of the Democratic transformations process witnessed by Sudan.

The Elections were administrated by the National Elections Commission, an independent body composed of 9 persons known of being independent, competent and impartial

The Elections were conducted at all central and state levels including South Sudan in a mixed electoral system which comprises geographical constituencies and party lists where the candidate who obtains the majority of votes in individual nomination is be declared as winner as usual. The nomination lists were based on the portion of each contesting party out of the total of the valid votes in a certain state 5% ratio or the total votes was required for a list to enter the contest for the allocated seats.

The Elections’ Act designated 60% of the total seats for the geographical constituencies, 25% for women and 15%for the relative representation (party lists).

The Act also provided, for the first time in Sudan, positive discrimination in favour of women representation by allowing her a 25% ratio of the Parliament seats. The relative representation system was also introduced for the first time in Sudan to give greater opportunity to the largest number possible of parties to participate in the National and state Legislatures.

The present Assembly in composed of 450 elected members (though geographical and relative representation constituencies (woman/ National) which was adopted for the first time in Sudan woman are represented by a rate of 25% of the total number of  the parliament  members. The  Parliament is composed as follows:-


No The Party Number of MPs
1 National Congress 322
2 SPLM 099
3 Democratic Union 004
4 Popular Congress 004
5 Federal Omma 003
6 Democratic Union (Organization) 002
7 SPLM for Democratic Charge 002
8 SPLM for Democratic Charge 002
9 Muslim Brothers 001
10 Omma 001
11 National Omma 001
12 Omma Collective Leadership 001
13 Independent members 003
14 Vacant Constituency 005

Following referendum on self-determination right of South Sudan, which opted to establish independent state “South Sudan” the Parliament Constituencies and relative representation lists which are connected to population distribution changed.
Accordingly, the Parliament is set to compose of 354 seats as follows:

No The Party Number of MPs
1 National Congress 316
2 SPLM 008
3 Democratic Union 004
4 Popular Congress 004
5 Federal Omma 003
6 Democratic Union (Organization) 002
7 Omma for Reform and Development 002
8 Muslim Brothers 001
9 Omma 001
10 National Omma 001
11 Omma Collective Leadership 001
12 Independent members 003
13 Vacant Constituency 008
Total 354