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Speaker of the Parliament to Praise Sudanese Ethiopian Relations

Date :2014-03-05

Speaker of the National Assembly Dr. Alfateh Izz- Aldeen has discussed the Sudanese Ethiopian relation praising the status of the two countries bilateral relation. This came during his meeting with sayed kafa Tukli Burhan Speaker of the Ethiopian Federal Assembly, who assured the two countries common history, pointing to the necessirty to push forward the two countries relation in all fields affirming the importance of exchanging point of views within the context of federal governance and to exert additional efforts to promote the aforementioned system in order to realize the happiness of the two countries.
On his part Dr. Izz Al- Deen gave assurances as to the importance to initiate a joint economic program between Sudan and Ethiopia and benefit from the extordinary capabilities and highly extensive energy of the two countries which could be used to establish strategic economic projects, particularly in the field of energy and adjacent the agricultural projects that could come into existence by making use of the arable land that would be available following the “sud” dam construction.
Finally Dr. Izz AlDeen his assurances that both Sudan and Ethiopia could contribute in providing food security for the whole region