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Parliament to Hold a Workshop on a Draft Bill for Press and Printing

Date :2014-03-06

Speaker of the National Assembly Dr. Al-Fatih Izz Al-Deen has valued the role of the press on the fundamental issues, saying that freedom has a limitation but the freedom of expression is commendable adding that the said freedom has a maximum limit, and that it represents guidance for the human behavior.
This came in his speech on the workshop held by the Culture, Information, youths and Sports Committee at the National Assembly today in coordination with Colleges of Information in Sudan Universities, Omdurman Islamic University and Medical Science School, regarding the Press and Printing Bill for (2012), praising the efforts exerted to formulate a draft Bill for the press and printing and to have the said Bill submitted before the parliament hoping that it will meet the aspiration of journalism and press sector. Al-Mansour has also valued the faculties of information for adopting the aforementioned dialogue and for their participation in Drafting the Bill, pointing to the importance of the upcoming stage and the necessity of the dialogue to formulate an enhance the new constitution Bill resolve the election issues as well as revising its law. Also he has urged for an expanded dialogue and without restrictions which would lead to a genuine National Unity that leads the country towards progress and advancement.
On her part, the Chairperson of the Information Committee Ustaza\ Afaf Tawir Kafi said that the current press and printing law has realized lots of gains pointing to the initiative of Information Committee at the Parliament commending the efforts have been exerted to transform the said draft to its current stage.
Calling upon the workshop participants to the necessity of reaching a consensus concerning the said Draft, adding that a number of related workshops have been held and that is for the importance of the said law, urging all mass media journalists and expertise to participate in order to come up with a bill draft that guarantees the new law following its approval by the parliament.
Also, the workshop has deliberated a number of work papers concerning the formulation of the National Council Committees for the press and printing its role and journalism violation penalties and punishment for (2012) and the observations concerning the said Draft Bill for “Press and Printing” in addition to the laws of freedom, rootage and to have reservations of the press and printing law items. She recommended that the said new law should be supported by the country’s high values, with respect for the constitution and to deal with the freedom of expression with an understanding as an ethical and professional values and to be adhered to by the ruler and the ruled. Also she urged for a “Non Suspension Policy for Journalists”, unless through a judicial decision. Also Mrs. Tawir emphasized the necessity to improve journalists’ employment working conditions, beside resolving the problems of journalistic registration and the nature of attachment to the new proposed law.
On their part the participants have given their assurance for the importance of drafting a law that would enhance the journalistic profession and reflect positively on peace, security and stability, particularly in the country. It’s worth mentioning that the total number of registered journalists is (7006) advising for “no rush” to lay down the new law for the sake of more consultation and deliberation concerning the said law saying that the law before hand is a key point, pointing to the important stage that the country will go through in the next stage.