Ibrahim Mohammed Ibrahim the previous general secretary of the national assembly

Personal Data

Name: Ibrahim Mohammed Ibrahim.

Date of Birth: 1945
Place of Birth: Kenbela-Id Alfirsan Governorate-Southern Kordufan State.
Marital status: Married with five daughters and two sons.

1968: Graduated from the University, Khartoum
1959-1964: Secondary School.
1955-1959: Amiriya Intermediate School,Nyala
1952-1955: Id Alfirsan Basic School, Id Alghanam.

1980: Master degree in General Administration Liverpool University – United Kindom.
1971: High Diploma in General Administration Faculty of Economy – Khartoum University.
1968: Honour degree in Art.

Work Experience:-
1999-Jan, 2014: Secretary General – National Assembly.
1994-1999: Minister of Engineering Affairs and deputy governor of Gezera State.
1992-1994: Minister of Education, Instruction, Culture and Information – Northern State.
1991-1992: Minister of Agriculture and Natural Resources – Nothern Region.
1989-1991: Deputy Governor – Nothern Region.
1985-1987: Head of Administrative Board of Savana West Development Corporation. and head of Gabal Mara Development Scheme.
1985-1987: Governor in charge of Warap.
1977-1987: Delegated as an administrator for a general transport company.
1968-1989: Executive Officer then Administrative Officer in the Ministry of Local Governments.
1998: Assisting Inspector in the Secretary General of the Council of Ministers.